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 An ancient hill top town, famous for ...

 * The home of Dr William Price, the pioneer of cremation, his statue stands in the center of the town (his daughter actually lived in the Butchers Arms).

 * Llantrisant Parish Church - A beautiful church dating back to the 11th Century, complete with lovely stained glass windows, (one to the east by Edward Burne Jones) - sits on the skyline of Llantrisant and can clearly be seen from the M4.

 * Llantrisant Common - owned by the Freemen of Llantrisant, who's ancestors took part in the battle of Crecy in 1346.

 * Llantrisant Castle - overlooking the Vale of Glamorgan. constructed in the 13th Century, now sadly in ruins.

 * Model House Craft & Design Centre - a contemporary craft centre with studios for artists, a vibrant programme of exhibitions, craft workshops and a design led gift shop.

A little bit of history

Side view from the Butchers Arms Gallery on a frosty

morning, showing Henry & Pat's farm

Snow on Llantrisant Common 2021